Anthrologica - Anthropology of Global Health


We form dynamic teams that best fit the needs of our clients on a project per project basis. The methodologies we use are designed to be relevant and proportional to the scope of the work, to be flexible and to correspond with continuing development and best practice.

Our approach is built upon rigorous qualitative methods, and we employ a combination of tools including in-depth interviews with key informants, focus group discussions, narratives and case studies, observation, workshops and participatory approaches. We also use mixed-methods, integrating qualitative and quantitative research. Open inductive techniques ensure that our analysis remains grounded and provides insight at community-, institutional- and policy-levels, enabling us to make strategic recommendations.

Our fieldwork design allows us to work in complex operating environments, using both international and national researchers. We follow accepted ethical procedures and prioritise the voices of the stakeholders and communities who are at the centre of our work.