Anthrologica - Anthropology of Global Health

Academic and Partnerships

Research and training are essential components in the process of understanding health and healthcare and in building the human resource capacity for health service delivery in developing contexts. In addition to conducting independent applied research, Anthrologica maintains close affiliation with academic institutions and has a number of strategic partnerships as the preferred provider for qualitative research.


Anthrologica has a Long-term Agreement with the Communication 4 Development section of UNICEF headquarters in New York to provide global research and analysis from 2014-2017.

Save the Children UK

Anthrologica has a Memorandum of Understanding with Save the Children UK to provide operational and formative research and to support evidence-based programming.

University of Oxford

Dr Juliet Bedford, the Director of Anthrologica, holds a D.Phil (Ph.D) from the University of Oxford where she is Research Associate at the School of Anthropology. She maintains strong links with the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and contributes to its research portfolio. (

Global Institute of Public Health, New York University

Dr Juliet Bedford is an Adjunct Professor Global Public Health at New York University. She recently taught on the social behavioural communication course for Ebola and Polio in January 2015, and will be contributing to future courses on polio, nutrition and global leadership in public health.

International Centre for Evidence in Disability

The Centre, based at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, is a focus of international expertise and competence in disability research and teaching in the context of public health and development. The Centre places strong emphasis on translating research outcomes into practice and works mainly in low- and middle-income countries. Anthrologica is a collaborative partner of the Centre for Disability and Development. (