Anthrologica - Anthropology of Global Health

European Union


Anthrologica conducted the final evaluation for the EU funded programme ‘Developing the capacity of Non-State Actors to support the rebuilding of the health system in Somaliland’. Implemented by the Tropical Health and Education Trust, the 36-moth programme aimed to increase the technical and managerial capacity of non-state health training institutions and professional bodies to enable them to effectively contribute to the human resources development and governance needs of the health sector in Somaliland. The evaluation was conducted in February-March 2013 and provided a comprehensive and critical analysis drawing on the best-practice criteria of the OECD-DAC to determine the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the programme. In addition to the substantive report, we presented findings to the EU health section in Nairobi, Kenya and also facilitated a round-table workshop with stakeholders in Somaliland in June 2013.