Anthrologica - Anthropology of Global Health

Handicap International

Democratic Republic of Congo, Vietnam, Lao PDR

Anthrologica undertook a multi-country evaluation for Handicap International and the Belgian Direction Générale pour le Développement on four maternal health programmes in the DRC, Vietnam and Lao PDR. Each aimed to reduce the number of preventable disabilities and minimise the impact of disability among pregnant women and children through the development of a reproducible model for the early detection, referral and intervention of childhood and maternal disability. In addition to the country evaluations (that drew on interviews with key stakeholders from civil society groups, NGOs and the Ministry of Health), a transversal evaluation reported on the three cross-cutting themes: efficiency, durability and gender. The final report from the DRC and the transversal report were written in both English and French to enable sharing of lessons and cooperation between target countries. The evaluation took place between August 2013 and March 2014.