Anthrologica - Anthropology of Global Health


Rwanda, Ghana, Vietnam, Bangladesh

Anthrologica is leading the qualitative research stream of UNICEF’s project ‘Support for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) with equity through health system reorientation and strengthening’, funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The project seeks to synthesise existing knowledge on how equity can be operationalised as a central objective of UHC and aims to embed into UNICEF’s District Health Systems Strengthening (DHSS) systematic methods to identify, assess and address non-financial access barriers as part of the causal analysis of priority bottlenecks, in a way that yields actionable data for district managers. The first phase of the project (January-August 2013) focused on a review of the literature appertaining to four high priority countries, Ghana, Rwanda, Bangladesh and Vietnam, and analysed non-financial access barriers to maternal and child health services using qualitative methods. The second phase of the project (December 2013-August 2014) includes a feasibility study in Ghana using a mixed-methods approach to assess potential use, sustainability and scalability of adapting DHSS to incorporate analysis of non-financial barriers to UHC at the sub-national level.

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